Horn Section for Hire

Not found what your looking for?

Whether you want a one line melody or a full brass chorus, FireFace Horns is able to provide you with the perfect accompaniment.

How Does It Work? (In 5 simple steps)

  1. Simply get in touch by Email or phone and we can discuss exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Email the track and I will record the part/parts to you specifications.
  3. I will Email you back the first draft and we can discuss any further adjustments.
  4. Depending on the adjustments needed I will then re-record any parts.
  5. When you are happy I will send you an invoice. Once paid, I will send you the final track!

If you’re unsure what would be suitable for your track, then fear not!

As seasoned session players FireFace Horns offers a writing option in which we can put together a brass arrangement for you. We can also record a number of different options so that you can decide on what sounds best.


My normal rate is £50 per track. A discount can be arranged for multiple tracks.


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